Training Programs
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?? creds - Mech Transformation (Jun 3 2017)

  • Requirements: At least two completed missions
    Potentially a requirement for different stats
  • Probably removes points from maneuverability and engines to make it harder to dodge
  • Probably gives you automatic CASKET-level armor
  • Gives you an aux slot on your back
  • Aux slot has thrusters so you can fly in space like everybody else, but you don't fit in a CASKET; alternatively, you fit in a CASKET, but only a really stupid one that's minimally upgradeable
  • Probably gives you additional points for strength; also potentially gives you points for durability to make it harder for you to pass out (can you imagine a dude passed out in a mechsuit?)
  • may potentially make it harder to panic because that sounds really weird
  • may potentially change how they upgrade to focus upgrade points toward mech-related things
  • Gives you the ability to carry ship weapons; ship weapons would weigh 4 bits, compared to 1 or 2 bits for normal or heavy weapons. alternatively, you could skip those and just have a ton of little people weapons. Would probably give you an additional 2-4 bits to use for free as part of the upgrade.
  • switching between normal infantry weapons might be "faster" in that they're all attached to your arms
  • robotic arms make no sense, not sure what to do there
  • Prices for things might be increased; probably by: all items cost ((normal cost * 1.5) + 2) rounded up - this is justified in story by saying that it's harder to fit things for mechs. This also keeps mechs from just taking everyone's weapons because they can. Finally this helps level the cred cost progression throughout the game to make it more equal to CASKET stuff

Mech Transformation, Take 2 (Dec 4 2017)

  • Requirements: Must be at least level 3
    Requires at least 0 points in robotics, 0 points in energy, and 0 points in durability
    Cost: moderate. Less than you'd expect.
    Requires the Nemesis to have the appropriate medbay upgrades.
  • Grants 1 point to energy, 1 point to durability, 1 point to robotics, and 1 point to PSI.
  • Removes 1 point from Maneuverability, 1 point from engines, 1 point from hacking, and 1 point from computers
  • Reworks CASKET design: you may ONLY have a Mech-version CASKET. Mech-version has a single aux slot (mounted top-center), a maximum of two weapon mounts, and no robotic arms.
  • Mech character has 1 back-mounted aux slot. Arms function essentially as robotic arms if used without weapons; robotic items can be mounted on them. Starts with a set of robotic fingers.
  • All Mech-related purchases (sans mech-CASKET) cost ceiling((normal cost * 1.5) + 2). This does not apply to mech-version CASKETs.
  • Mechs have low-power zero-G flight thrusters. This only functions in any appreciable amount under zero-G, with a max distance traversal of 0.5km per turn.
  • Mechs have "carry bits" instead of "weapon slots". A normal weapon costs 1 carry bit. A heavy weapon costs 2 carry bits. A ship weapon costs 4 carry bits (the second costs 5?), and mechs get an additional 4 carry bits upon making the change. Mechs also do not have room for more than 6 weapon items. Thus, a mech with +2 energy has a total of 8 carry bits, enabling them to carry, for example, a ship weapon, a heavy weapon, and a light weapon. Ship weapons are back-mounted and must be switched to in order to use them. Mechs cannot use standard weaponry and vice-versa.

7 creds - Mentoring Program

  • Requirement: At least one level less than the highest level player character

So, your heist went wrong. There wasn't any loot, your best friend got shot in the face, your fiancee reported you to the police and they were there when you arrived. You got shipped to prison on the Tartarus and decided to join up with a program that sends prisoners to their deaths, because even that gives you more chance of survival. Worst of all, you didn't even get to bring a toothbrush. It wasn't your best year, and on finding out you're the youngest person in your entire platoon, well - that year just got even worse. Fortunately, this program gives you a little spot of sunshine in that cold, cruel world of yours. For 7 credits, we'll help you train up a little closer towards the level of the rest of your squad - but no higher. This is a mentoring program, not handouts. It'll lessen the gap between you and your friends - but it'll cost you more than you start with. You might want to start looking for handouts.

  • Gives a +10 point boost to stats and skills, just like completing a mission
  • Purchasing this permanently increases your level by 1
  • Can only be purchased by individuals at a lower level than the highest level player character
  • Cannot be used to fix losses incurred during Infirmary or R&D research

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