The multiverse

The multiverse is build up out of multiple universes, the story of rekt is situated in one of these universes.
Universes are located adjacent to each other, universes that exist close to each other have many similarities, further away the differences increase. Sometimes universes can touch each other, universes that are close to each other are more likely to touch. At a moment that two universes touch each other there is a small chance that an exchange finds place inbetween these universes.
Exchanges can manifest themselves as various anomalies.
As an example, universes could touch each other causing their fabric of space-time to become interwoven this can lead to gravity anomalies in rarer occasions this can lead to time anomalies. If an even exchange inbetween the universes takes place, the new properties of the interwoven bit will be the average of both universes. The degree of interwoven-ness decides how strong the anomaly is.
Another example would be the exchange of matter or energy:
In the case of matter exchange matter from one universe will enter another but while doing this it will take a small piece of its own universe with it. This leads to the creation of a "bridge", a connection to the universe of origin. The piece of matter exists in an isolated piece of its own universe like a bubble of oil does in water. The original universe will stay attracted to its lost "bit" keeping the link intact. Multiple matter exchanges will slowly pull the two universes together until they merge, a new universe comes into creation that has properties of both the original universes.
After merging of two universes it is possible that localised spots/materials/stuff with the properties of one of the parent universes keep existing.
Next to merging a split is also possible, if the properties of the two universes are incompatible with each other one universe will force itself "through" the other causing it to split into two new universes that obey the same set of rules but will evolve differently.

The rekt universe is a universe of that is "middle aged" meaning that it is not so young that no exchanges with other universes have taken place but it is old enough to have had some exchanges, hence the anomalous matter. It is also not too old or there would be much more anomalies. The rekt universe could also be a merged universe although I deem this less likely.

On synthetic an natural anomalous materials

Natural anomalous materials come in two flavours:
1) manifestations of touching universes
2) remnants of merged universes
The difference inbetween these two is that type 1 exhibits a link with its originating universe, pulling it slowly closer as well as allowing some interaction with that universe as a whole.
Type 2 doesn't show this link and only retains the properties of its originating universe in its small blob, it could be described as a micro universe.

Synthetic anomalous materials can only exist as a type 2 anomalous material since the creation or linking of universes is not (yet) possible. They are created by inducing a micro-expansion on existing materials, effectively creating a micro-universe bubble around it. The properties of these artificial micro universes depend on different things;
1) Energy input and type: the energy input and type is crucial in determining the properties of the micro universe. This is probably the most important parameter. By exposing the forming micro-universe to varying temperature gradients and gravitational and electromagnetic fields the properties of the created micro-universe can be fine tuned
2) The starting material, not all starting materials allow for the same treatment, this mainly limits the amount of anomalous materials that can be created. The consequence is that the theoretical variety of natural anomalous materials is much larger than those of the artificial ones, since the natural ones are not restricted by the starting material.

On quantum orbs

Quantum orbs are highly advanced tech. They have the power to induce and control an artificial "touching" of universes.
When a person touches a quantum orb, the device will analyse the person's emotional, mental and physical properties. It will then induce the touching of the universe the person is in with another universe or other universes, what universe(s) specifically depend on the characteristics of the person as analysed by the orb. This touching will induce the growth of a type 1 anomalous material, granting the person "powers". What powers are received is dependent on the properties of the material and it's original universe. Each time a person touches an orb a new growth will be induced or the old one will be increased, resulting in either the acquirement of new powers or for enhancement of the old ones.
For example:
"Future vision":
Here the anomalous growth will allow the person to utilise the bridge that exist inbetween the persons' universe and the materials' universe to see in the other universe. For future vision the universes bridged with the material are similar in physical properties and rules but are slightly ahead in time. This allows the person to subconsciously select a universe where he or she has already done a certain action and to see the outcome of said actions.
A more advanced version of this specific power would be the "Interdimensional kleptomania" which not only allows the person to see in the other universes but actively transfer items inbetween them.