Tal's Todo List

638 active pages.

Items complete: 100% of critical, 0% of Patreon, 0% of wiki, 0% of forums, 0% total

(we can clear out the old completed stuff once a month - I'll probably take care of that myself. ~tal)

  • Make a page that details changes that have taken place between each "season" of REKT (i.e. mission) - it would be good to have a log of this
  • Finish writing out different types of anomalous materials and such
  • Merge species template for "personality" and "culture"
  • Perhaps add something to species template for common stereotypes/slurs? may be able to fit somewhere else
  • Probably just lump all the megacorporations onto the same page for now. would keep us from having super-short article stubs everywhere
  • Page for GM-related things, things that GMs need to know, would go in a corebook/GM manual
    • Resurrection tech
    • Custom species
    • Story stuff
    • Rule zero
    • Making players comfortable
    • Currencies and conversion
  • Finish filling out the species pages (you know what, I'm just going to split this up because there are so many)
  • Make page for Psijack which is listed as tool but doesn't have a page
  • Make page for "Filter" or whatever I decide to call it
  • Add a couple more things to the Anecdotes/stories page; encourage players to add stuff so I have a better idea of what players find as their favorite moments and how they perceive those moments (( well, actually making it findable might help, so I added it to the front page ))
  • Perhaps add page for "Galactic History: The Way It's Taught in Schools"
  • Give serious thought to mechanics regarding player character origin and overpowered backstories/universe gaming intended to have significant impacts on story development
  • Much more clearly define differences in outworld/outer-midworld/inner-midworld/coreworld technology and culture (working on it)
  • The wiki art page is YEARS outdated ((problem with this. the page already loads pretty slowly. need to figure out different solution. it horrifies me but I might have to build something on my site if nothing else makes sense ~t))
  • Hunt down and rewrite anything that may have descriptions that stemmed from ER
  • Fix psyamp/psi unit and all that stuff to make it more clear/obvious. ships can be amp units (sounds bigger), infantry parts can be "psi modules". makes more sense, and explains that the modules are supposed to be modular. works like a charm ((amp unit or psi amp unit?)) ((just "amp" so it's harder to confuse ~t))
  • Rework warp psyamp a bit as per convo in irc (accelerates things to 'fast enough to smash things together very very hard' but not 'faster than light, universe and lore breakingly fast')



  • Patreon stuff
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (page desc. fixes)
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (added a bunch to the story page (but also removed a bunch, but I mean, it was outdated and needs its own page anyway)
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (courtesy Victor) (Anomalous materials)
    • min 1000 words per month to wiki (courtesy Victor) (added a bunch to the new earth page)
    • $10 patreon post
    • $10 patreon post
    • $20 patreon post


To use the python code, start selecting at the "__Wiki" line, and stop selecting above the first —- line.

Things to do at some point in the story:

  • Ishmael is waiting for some custom weapons for his CASKET, ready in the future (not specified when, I think) RIP Ishmael
  • Saoirse ordered a modified version of the MUSE which would be finished 'a few weeks' after the end of mission 1

Need to figure out "secrets" page, for knowledge that new player characters are not necessarily allowed to possess. may include…

  • Quantums
  • The history/explanation/whatever of the Northern Exclusion Zone
  • Alts
  • Secrets of the Qyrax (technological advances no one came close to)
  • Hiltorel Queen, Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement
  • Humanity's experiments on aliens and attempted genocide of multiple species (and actual genocide of at least one)
  • Robert Haseley, Tartarus in general
  • Secrets of the Plodii (ancient history/tech)
  • Secrets of the Bhezians (the Shadow Council) (need to find a better name, now that I know both Marvel and World of Warcraft took the name first) (Umbral Conclave? Shadow Senate? Twilight Council? Something. No idea)
  • Secrets of sybnalian society (considering going with sybnal/sybna/sybnalian instead of sybnian, sounds too close to sybian) - specifically the Emperor
  • Secrets of the Wralk: their mysterious origins
  • What really happened that made the hiltorel enslave humanity
  • Why the Wralk nearly went extinct
  • History of human alien-slavers
  • Mimir Corporation
  • Auraxicorp secrets (likes producing consumer goods and ships, likes shiny things, "Better and Brighter Tomorrow" etc, Dark underside: poor working conditions, backworld slave farms, unethical tech, etc)
  • Opitek secrets (Less bold and bright, more "If you have money, we have your solution." Less about public opinion and more about delivering solid, heavy goods right where they're needed. More up-front and less under-the-table than Auraxicorp, but doesn't shy away from a dark buyer. A deal's a deal. They are quiet, almost reclusive, and spread not by marketing and mass ad campaigns but by word of mouth/deed. Almost psychopathic undertones)
  • Coreworld underbelly
  • Dustwalkers
  • What actually happened in the human galactic civil war
  • The old bhezian attempt at sentient robotics and the subsequent destruction of the same
  • What caused humanity to be afraid of true AI
  • The true history of New Earth
  • The hidden secrets of the FSM religion and what those in power have done
  • Human cryotech and its origins
  • Quantum/alt technology cultists
  • The secret underground of New Earth and other nearby planets

There are actually a great many more secrets in the REKT universe than I realized.