Advanced Rules: Durability

This page is for advanced rules related to the Durability stat.

Fainting/Passing out

On foot, the Durability stat is responsible for keeping you from blacking out due to pain. When your person takes damage, the GM will first roll for durability, and then add a modifier based on the amount of damage you've taken. The modifiers are as follows:

Sever -2
Chunks Missing -1
Break 0
Puncture +1
Cut +2
Superficial No roll

The final roll calculation is as follows:

<1 Requires medical attention to reawaken
1-2 Passed out - may reawaken without assistance
3-6 Remains conscious

High enough Gs will cause you to pass out regardless of endurance. There are other things like that as well. Remember that these are guidelines and may temporarily change if the GM deems it necessary.

Cymeks, robots, and cyborgs

A cymek (a robot with a human brain) or robot cannot pass out from pain under normal conditions. Typically, losing a limb doesn't really faze them at all. They are, however, vulnerable to EMP - and much more so than their human counterparts. If subjected to an EMP, the subject's brain typically receives a shock that leaves them unconscious. Regular rolls for waking up are then used. Humans are not vulnerable to EMP; this is an inherent flaw of non-organics.

Cyborgs are different. While they receive no bonus against EMP, an EMP blast typically will not knock them out, and will only leave their robotic systems offline, for a penalty of -floor((1d6 / 2)-0.5) to all rolls until their systems reboot (or, 0 to -2, with a -1 average). They can pass out to pain, but receive a positive modifier against it: +floor((1d6 / 2)-0.5).

EMP effects

While humans are not susceptible to EMPs, cymeks, robots, and cyborgs are, to varying degrees. Fortunately, these disabling effects are not permanent, and will only last from one to six turns depending on the subject's durability. The GM will roll one die, and the number of turns it lasts will be equal to the number on the die, minus the character's (Durability - 1), with a minimum of one and maximum of six. The player will not be told how many turns it will take until their limb recovers and reboots itself.

When caught in an EMP blast, characters with unarmored bodyparts will all find themselves impaired by EMPs, giving -1 to each roll involving a particular bodypart. This means that for rolls that involve the use of two arms, you will receive a -2 penalty, while a roll involving only one limb will only receive a -1 penalty. There is also a chance that a limb will be completely disabled. The GM will roll for each limb. If (Durability + roll) is less than five, then that particular limb is disabled. A disabled limb simply will not function and cannot be used. A disabled head will cause the user to fall unconscious and they will begin dreaming.

Armored and cyborg limbs cannot be completely disabled, but can still be impaired by EMPs. Whether or not this happens is determined by a Durability roll for each bodypart. If the roll is less than five, the bodypart is counted as impaired and will give a -1 to each roll involving that bodypart. If the head is impaired, the GM will roll Durability a second time to determine whether or not the character falls unconscious. If the roll is less than five again, the character will fall completely unconscious and begin dreaming.

Unconscious Cymeks and Robots cannot use standard medical equipment, and therefore cannot use Anti-Shock Meds. They can however be revived with a Cymek Reboot Kit. Failure to use this will result in them waking up on their own with standard unconsciousness rules, though this can take a good deal of time.