Humanity makes up over 95% of the galactic population. Racism still runs as rampant as it did in the twentieth century - humans tend to hate the other races and walk over them. Humanity tends to avoid friendship wherever possible, clustering themselves together around the galaxy's center, which is a better place for trade.


The ^kö are one of the few intelligent (more or less) species in the galaxy apart from humans.
Physically they are fairly small (think 12.5 cm), squat and have many appendages. They multiply via meiosis.
^kö survive by fusing two anions of Barium and obtaining the energy by transmuting and absorbing 20 protons. This produces uranium. (They can eat pretty much any metallic substance or ions if they want to, though.)
^kö generate their timelines out of sync of other sentients, therefore they seem sometime (but very rarely) hyper active and fast, while usually they seem barely aware of his environment and to act only by instinct of conservation, which involves usually avoiding sweet drinks and licking sources of Barium anions, and sleeping close to a source of heat.
^kö are sometimes found near nuclear reactors or kept as pets, although this is not very advisable since both what they eat and the waste they produce is highly radioactive.


Baxians are slender, fragile creatures.


Quantums are a race of humanoid aliens with three eyes instead of our two. Somehow they live in four dimensions instead of three despite being in the same universe as us - we just perceive one "slice" of their multiverse.
A lot of their equipment does the same, making it rather incompatible with human physiology - touching it causes parts of your body to scatter along the fourth dimensional axis, which is not a good thing to happen to half of your hand.
Since the Quantums produced the Orbs, it is likely that at least some of them had some kind of psychic abilities.
It is not know whether any Quantums are still alive in our slice of the multiverse - the ones found in Chilendorn were all dead, but Squidhead saw alive ones in a parallel universe.

Dark Space

Very little is currently know about this entity. Humanity had never observed one from close until the REKT mission in Chilendorn - they are very hard to detect if they don't move, since they only emit slightly in IR.
Somehow it has the ability to completely erase matter from existence as observed before the Tartarus fled Chilendorn.
The fact that the Dark Space uses spacecraft (such as the one recovered in Sedirmar) suggests that this is not a purely (super)natural entity but rather something made by an intelligent species.



Technology is not yet up to the point of creating a true artificial intelligence and the androids in the universe are no more than robots that execute commands without a free will of their own and without self-awareness.
For unknown reasons there are currently two known exceptions to this rule, namely Unit 000000004965 and Payback-13.. Despite being an older model Unit 4965 seems to have somehow reached self-awareness. Payback, despite being preprogrammed for a certain, unknown task, also seems self-aware, although both his origins and goal are, at the moment, unknown.

Next to Androids we can find humans or aliens that have received a series mechanical modifications. There are different reasons why people modify their bodies, the most common ones are modifications to treat medical conditions or as a replacement for amputated limbs, but modifications to enhance natural possibilities are also in the range of possibilities. Modification can be found in many gradations, going from simple implants that let people see more wavelengths of light to the replacement of whole body parts. In the most extreme form, the brain of a biological organism is removed and placed in a mechanical shell. The latter are called cymeks, whereas people with implants in their biological body are called cyborgs.

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