Using non-Tartarus Inc. weapons

When someone first attempts to use a non-REKT weapon, they do a single roll based on their exotics skill. This roll equates to 1d6 + Exotics. As shown in the following table, the roll determines how much of a boost is given.

Roll Add
-1 -6
0 -5
1 -4
2 -3
3 -1
4 -1
5 0
6 1
7 2
8 3
9 4
10 5
11 7
12 8

The final and total roll bonus for the weapon can not be higher than the largest of: your exotics, and your natural bonus at using said weapon. As an example: Say someone finds an alien laser gun and they already have +2 conventional, as well as +2 exotics. Trying to use the alien gun, they do an exotics roll of 6 (which would result in a +1). This +1 would bump their conventional skill using the alien gun up to +3, but the +2 exotics caps it at +2, meaning that if they already have +2 to conventional, they will not be able to get past +2. However, if their conventional skill is at -2, then the exotics would give it the full +3 boost, bumping it up to +1.

The average boost by skill is essentially equivalent to the following table:

Exotics Average
-2 -3.3
-1 -2.3
+0 -1.3
+1 -0.3
+2 +0.7
+3 +1.5
+4 +2.5
+5 +3.7
+6 +4.8


Some weapon types will not require any Exotics roll to begin with; these are typically weapons with no moving parts or electrical components, such as a blade. A normal sword will not roll for exotics, but a plasma sword would. All guns require an exotics roll.

All weapons that require an exotics roll will also have a bonus or penalty applied to them, depending on the difficulty of using the weapon. A weapon that is significantly more difficult to operate than a standard REKT weapon will have a penalty, and a weapon that is significantly easier to operate than a standard Tartarus Inc. weapon will have a bonus to their roll's chance of success. This penalty/bonus may range from -2 to +2, and the difficulty may be related to the player before they attempt to wield it, if they are perceptive enough.

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