Advanced Rules: Charisma

This page is for advanced rules related to the Charisma skill.


Rank and NPC relations

Note: ranks do not exist on the Nemesis
Progressing through the Tartarus Incorporated REKT ranks can give a significant boost to your charisma. If talking to someone a higher rank than you, it can also give significant penalties, depending on where you are.

In addition to this, there are also "relationship points" that may be gained or lost with NPCs. These are gained through roleplay - by being kind to people. It is possible to have negative relationship points.

On-mission Leadership Rolls

On a mission, the platoon is divided into groups based on who is in the immediate vicinity, with "vicinity" here meaning "within 25 meters on the ground, or within 150 meters in the air". If you have three people in a room (even if from two different squads), these three characters are counted as a "group". They get a "leadership roll" based on the charisma of the group member with the most points in that skill. If the roll is successful (7 points or more), then all actions taken by that group have a +1 bonus for that turn. The roll is equal to (1d6 + highest charisma in group).

Leadership rolls do not happen for groups smaller than three characters.

There can be penalties for this as well. Leadership rolls happen regardless of whether anyone in your group has positive charisma. If everyone has negative charisma, it still rolls with the highest. If the outcome is less than 1, the roll is considered failed - your group has no leadership and will take a -1 penalty to all actions for that turn. (Note: This means it is advisable to have at least one person with 0 or more charisma in all groups.)

If a "group" breaks up in the middle of a turn, anyone that leaves no longer gets roll bonuses, even if they return. If the person that leaves is the one with the highest charisma, OR the players count in the group becomes less than three, all bonuses for that group immediately end.