Ship Catalog

0 creds - Mk 1 CASKET

Originally called the Search And Retrieval Device for INterning Employees, it was later renamed to the Contained Active Service Killer Escort Tool, firstly because our active service personnel kept insisting we were sending them into combat pre-packaged in coffins, and secondly because SARDINE doesn't really make all that much sense. Your first purchase of the CASKET comes with two free pincers, pre-installed. If you break them, you pay to replace them.

4 creds - Mk 1B Luxury CASKET

Want to make a statement? This is the Rolls-Royce of CASKETs. Soft, expensive leather seat (yes, the real stuff, imported directly from Earth), extra cupholders, second seat, lots of extra room, cockpit AI and some extra-powered engines make for a really sweet ride. While everyone will probably assume you think you're better than them, and that's probably true! But you'll have the flashiest ride regardless - for you, and a minion of your choice. We even removed the robotic arm mounts for you so you can still get through those peskily tight spaces.

5 creds - Mk II CASKET

That's right, folks – this is an improved version of your standard issue coffin. Generally streamlined to be less bulky, it also includes several systems to drastically increase the survivability of the user. Using both our FirmaFoam and Cockpod systems, the Mk II casket is designed to make sure you live to get the hell out of Dodge, at any cost. If you fly into a star, though… we'll consider that intentional suicide.

5 creds - COFFIN Aerial Fighter

You wanted something better than a CASKET, and as always, Tartarus delivers! Where the CASKET looked ugly, the COFFIN looks sleek and streamlined. Designed for use in-atmosphere, it has only half the auxiliary hardpoints and only half the engines, but guess what - it has wings! With its high anhedral wings, retractable robotic arms, and two interior cargo pods, this thing is guaranteed to be expensive as all hell or your money back. It even has a special layer of external shielding that only covers the bottom of the ship! Perfect for a bombing run, but not so much if you're in space. It flies in space too, though. The original model didn't, and people got stranded. The poetic irony of these names is beautiful. We've since fixed this problem - but we haven't fixed you.

8 creds - GREASE Support Vessel

If you're hoping to earn creds being a mechanic, medic or scientist, you need this ship. Two creds cheaper than most other ships, this vehicle gives you two additional robotic arms and two extra auxiliary mounts right from the start. You also get an enhanced spectrum cam and a sweet AI with the personality of your choice. It does, however, only have two engines - but they're each twice as powerful as ordinary ones.

8 creds - STITCH Gunship

Guns. Some humans love them more than they love themselves. You're one of those humans. This model's aft is ever-so-slightly wider than the standard CASKET's, and for good reason. Instead of a maximum of four slots, you get a maximum of six, with four regular weapon mounts pre-installed, so you can move all your old weapons right over. Not only that, but you get a Targeting Holocomputer too. You want to blow something up? Terrorize your teammates? Be a huge hit at conservative parties? This is how you do it in style.

12 creds - Mk III CASKET

Take a Mk II CASKET, equip it with Enhanced Mounting Systems and a Blink Teleporter, and you have the Mk3 CASKET. The pinnacle of traditional ship design, it grants the user enhanced weapons capabilities, speed and durability, and allows them to flash around the battlefield like a Gandalf/Loki cross. Also includes a number of interesting "secret" prototypical features that you might discover if you're intuitive enough, and a helpful AI that doesn't know about them.

12 creds - VITAL Dropship

Everybody keeps asking if this is for real. My answer: Hell yes. Purchasing this will replace your standard CASKET with a lower-quality model of the standard Tartarus Inc. Dropship, the ultimate in CASKET transportation. Capable of carrying up to four CASKETs instead of the standard 5, the front is replaced with a ramming tip capable of penetrating most ship hulls. Easy to dock with and adds shielded protection for any CASKETs aboard, though it won't protect you from high-powered beams or point-blank nukes. Although this model doesn't have warp coils, though, so don't expect to use it to escape. It's also difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, so keep that in mind.

??? creds - SISTA Destroyer

Affectionately called the "Big Sister", the SISTA is effectively a CASKET transformed for additional assault capabilities. Coming pre-equipped with a Blink Teleporter, advanced armor and even its own personal shield, the SISTA is nothing less than an agile flying tank. Ever thought about teleporting into an enemy base, ramming stuff until everything is either begging for mercy or dead, and then flying away unharmed? Sound like your kind of fun? Now it can be. Doesn't make you entirely untouchable, but it comes damn close.

??? creds - Drop-Pod Carrier

I'm sure you guys wished you could abandon those cheap hunks of scrap and just blast onto the surface paratrooper-style in special drop pods, right? No? Tough luck for you, then. Sometimes an immediate ground presence is beneficial. The Droppod Ship is pretty simple in its functionality and design: it has an autopilot, droppods for each person in a five-member squad, and carries your ships, too. You just tell the autopilot where to go, it drops you off and floats around out of sight. You smash into the ground inside controlled-grav pods, and burst out with guns blazing. I'm sure even idiots like you could figure it out. Later, if you're standing somewhere open and flat, the Droppod Ship can land and pick you up, or remote-pilot your ships to you.

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