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The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.

This page details things that almost no one in the REKT universe knows. Unless very clearly stated otherwise by the GM prior to the start of the campaign, no player characters have open access to much of this knowledge.

The contents of each section will be split into "Common Knowledge", "Uncommon Knowledge", "Disputed", "Rumors", and "Unknown".

  • Common Knowledge is equivalent to things that are, as the name suggests, common knowledge. Anyone that didn't live under a rock could be expected to know these things. Player characters have access to this knowledge.
  • Uncommon Knowledge refers to things that some groups of people may know, but the knowledge hasn't spread throughout the galaxy to any degree. Unless very clearly stated by the GM at the start of the campaign, player characters do not have access to this knowledge.
  • Disputed refers to anything that has multiple theories or given explanations, or that people in the REKT universe don't quite agree on. Unless very clearly stated by the GM at the start of the campaign, player characters do not have access to this knowledge.
  • Rumors refers to things that folk in distant areas of the galaxy whisper about. These things may or may not be true. Many of these could be used as ideas for GMs writing their own campaigns. Unless very clearly stated by the GM at the start of the campaign, player characters do not have access to this knowledge.
  • Unknown explains things that no one in the universe knows about, and may also correct some incorrect information from the other four categories.

Anomalous materials

Common knowledge

Anomalous materials exist throughout the galaxy, although they're mainly localized to the uncharted quadrant on the opposite side of the galaxy's corn from Old Earth, commonly referred to as the Northern Exclusion Zone. Anomalous materials - or, AMs, as they're often called - are used for all varieties of things, from warp travel to energy shields to heat sinks. The most common currency used in the outer rim - plat and hi-plat - are actually platinum infused with varying qualities of AM-00, also known as Veloxium - the most important part of a warp drive.

Uncommon knowledge

Known by certain cultists, top-secret government, and high-ranking gigacorp executives

Anomalous materials are actually not a "natural" phenomenon. They come entirely from a species known as the Quantums. Quantums themselves are difficult to define, but are capable of building technology that permits them to freely hop between universes. Over the past few million years, they did various experiments in our galaxy that involved bringing materials from other universes to ours - the "naturally-occurring" anomalous materials.


Almost no one actually knows what AMs are, or where they come from. Most people who use tech that creates AMs don't even really understand how it works, and it's said there's no one in the galaxy who is capable of wrapping their mind around the entire technical process at once. In essence, anomalous materials are protrusions of other universes into our own. They still obey the laws of their "former" universe, while also affecting - and being affected by - our own. It's a delicate balance, and if this "bubble" is broken (and there are a few ways this can be done) the material typically either vanishes or becomes inert.

Unfortunately, while a select few scientists are capable of understanding this, most are not, and see the idea as preposterous. After all, transporting ourselves into different universes seems impossible according to 3152's technology, so why should it be possible to transport materials? The common theory is that the processes utilized produce an effect that "warp" or "bend" the laws of our own universe. They typically link the idea to quantum theory's inherent randomness, seeing as it appears to be random what particular process produces a particular material.


Common Knowledge

All that is really "common knowledge" about the Qyrax is that they were a species that went extinct at some point in the past. Some people claim they were extinct, others