Northern Exclusion Zone
The northern exclusion zone.
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The Northern Exclusion Zone is an area in what would be the northern circle of the galaxy, assuming Earth was directly south of the center. While astronomically significant, it is mostly known for its behavior, being similar to Old Earth's Bermuda Triangle in that ships will mysteriously vanish. While the Bermuda Triangle was the result of people mistakenly recognizing a pattern that didn't exist, the NEZ is certainly an actual force to be reckoned with: over the course of galactic history, many tens of thousands of ships have gone missing from this area, and on two occasions, entire fleets vanished without a trace. As such, it is not an area that has been explored very well - at least, not until the discovery of Anomalous Materials. The zone contains many, many anomalous materials. While originally assumed they were created by an ancient, more intelligent species, naturally-occurring deposits in this region seem to indicate otherwise.

To the inhabitants of the Milky Way, the Northern Exclusion Zone is simply somewhere you Do Not Go unless you have a death wish. As a result, most Tartarus missions take place here - often on the outskirts, where mysterious phenomena occur less frequently.

This area is known for odd star formations, an abundance of dark nebulae, and abnormally high white dwarf counts, suggesting that a significantly higher number of supernovae occurred here than in the rest of the galaxy.

Pre-galactic history

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The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.

This area was the original site of the Quantum empire, and where they first encountered our galaxy after transferring their consciousnesses. Most of the northern exclusion zone has been tampered with by them in some way, shape, or form - sometimes from their battles with the Alts, sometimes from pieces of other universes they transported into our own. As a result, the entire area is highly unstable. While the Quantums no longer exist except for some few individuals, their technology has remained. This, like the region, has often decayed to the point of being highly unstable.

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