Nemesis Status (original)

This page details the current status of the Nemesis - a Tartarus Incorporated battlecarrier and the hub of the Beyond The Edge campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, the Nemesis is barely functional and hardly capable of flight. Given enough time and resources, the ship's engineers can patch, repair, or even upgrade many of its systems.


Current Status

Reactor 0 Low power to all systems; primary conduits damaged; running on auxiliary. Lights may flicker.
Hull -2 Hull severely damaged; hull breaches common. Armor mostly gone; remainder in terrible condition.
Shields -2 Shield generator damaged during Battle of Nanyej and completely obliterated during subsequent forced landing. No shields available.
Maneuverability -2 All maneuvering thrusters critically damaged and malfunctioning; disabled by engineers to keep hull integrity intact.
Decryption Team -2 Decryption team died during Comm Center hull breach. No survivors. Associated computers and equipment destroyed.
SCAMPS +1 Single SCAMPS core; current functioning at peak capacity. Undamaged during the Battle of Nanyej.
Hangar 0 Hangar functioning at minimum capacity. Many crew dead or MIA; replacement parts scavenged and hard to come by. Limited ship roster.
Engines -1 Engines heavily damaged. Low engine thrust. Veloxium core replacement necessary for warp; otherwise warp power is offline.
Comm Center -2 Comm center obliterated and stripped away. Many crew dead or MIA. Communication-capable in 10km radius through auxiliary equipment.
Medbay -1 Severely damaged; staff awake full time to treat injuries. Supplies extremely low. Resurrection/regrowth capabilities nonexistent.
Engineering -1 Suffered severe damage during Battle of Nanyej. Major hull breaches in multiple places. Currently at minimal functionality.
Weapon Systems -1 Point defense cannons partially restored. Cannot defend against fighters or larger without support. Main weapons offline.
Main Bridge -2 Bridge breached and inoperable. Unable to decouple; full of twisted debris and wreckage. Currently unable to function as a bridge.
Armory 0 Heavily damaged. Larger arms and equipment lost or destroyed; hull breach in top three floors. Repairs and rebuilding required.
Sensors -1 Heavily damaged during Battle of Nanyej. Crew safe due to evacuation, but equipment only capable of minimal functionality.
Drone Bays -2 Heavy ordnance caused chain reaction explosion that decimated this area and the drone stocks. Currently non-functional.

Repair/Upgrade Trees

For clarification: these are not "paths" but rather "trees". Taking one side or the other does not mean that you will be unable to choose a different path later on. For instance, with drones, you can have drones stocked for combat and repair - but you can't make both upgrades at the same time without upgrading engineering. Engineering controls how many upgrades you can make on a particular month (or, post-mission). The engineers start with the ability to make four upgrades every month (or, per post-mission, in game terms). Later, you can upgrade this as well, to a maximum of eleven upgrades per month. Alternatively, with each engineering upgrade you can unlock the ability to put two upgrades in a particular "area" (Medbay, Shields, Reactor, Engines, etc.) per month. This will not give you any extra upgrade points, however; the two are mutually exclusive.

For an upgrade to be taken, the upgrade directly above it must have already been taken (it must be dark gray).

Pending (will be repaired after Mission 1): Reactor 4A, Hull 2A, Engines 2A, Medbay 3


Reactor destroyed; ship dead in the water. No power to any systems.
Emergency power only. Lights at minimum; many areas dark. Higher-power or non-critical systems may not function.
Low power to all systems. Primary conduits damaged; running on auxiliary. Lights may flicker.
Gravity generator upgraded. Ship has ability to perform take-offs and landings in high-gravity areas.
Normal power to all systems. Power is best routed between separate systems for maximum efficiency.
Gravity generator maxed. Recharge times no longer necessary.

Reactor safely in permanent overdrive; all power to all systems. No need to switch between for efficiency.


Hull severely damaged; hull breaches common. Armor mostly gone; remainder in terrible condition.
Critical hull breaches repaired: Ship is fully spaceworthy and life support is functional. Armor is patched and functional again; can take some direct hits without internal damage
Major hull breaches repaired: Lower engineering, lower bedrooms, armory, laboratory Armor is repaired to normal condition; can take more direct hits without hull breaches
Minor hull breaches repaired: Library, recreation areas, outer hallways, observation platforms Armor is reinforced and strengthened past standard state


Shield generator completely obliterated. No shields available.
Shield generator partly rebuilt. Main structuring replaced and framework ready for final installment.
Shield generator rebuilt; minimal functionality. Can stand up to fighters for a short while at best.
Moderate functionality restored. Can take larger hits; can stand up to fighters for decent periods of time.
Shield generator recharge boosted with additional capacitors and power coils. Can recharge at a decent pace out of combat, or slowly in combat, provided appropriate power is applied.
Full functionality restored. Can stand up to other sub-capital class ships for short periods of time.
Shield generator recharge maxed with AM capacitors, frequency boosters and power coils. Recharges quickly out of combat, or at a decent pace during combat, provided appropriate power is applied.


This is a direct equivalent to maneuverability in battle. It should be noted that fighters are capable of hitting larger ships 100% of the time; they only roll if firing at specific portions. Their shot hits regardless. Maneuverability is therefore only applicable against ships of equal or greater size.

Many or most maneuvering thrusters critically damaged and malfunctioning; disabled by engineers to keep hull integrity intact.
Auxiliary steering repaired to some degree of functionality.
Auxiliary steering fully repaired. Performance boosted to critical levels.
Nacelle maneuvering thrusters repaired. Primary engine swivel mounts restored to former functionality.
Nacelle thruster shield generators replaced and strengthened; dedicated crew assigned
Primary and auxiliary maneuvering thrusters AM-enhanced for maximum performance.

Decryption Team


No central monitoring computer
SCAMPS core malfunctioning; output irregular/incorrect, may seem whimsical or nonsensical
SCAMPS at half power; output delayed, higher processing disabled
Single SCAMPS core operational
Second SCAMPS core added; processing is faster and more powerful
Third SCAMPS core added
Fourth SCAMPS core added


Walls breached and interior obliterated. No functioning CASKETs; crew displaced elsewhere or dead.
Walls restored. Functioning at minimum capacity. Many crew dead or missing. Replacement parts not easy to come by, everything scavenged or thrown together.
Hangar efficiency increased: Crew capable of installing larger-scale items.
Hangar equipped with gear permitting light CASKET customization. Corvette maintenance station and equipment installed; can handle upkeep of a corvette Spare CASKETs rebuilt and stocked for necessary situations. Hangar efficiency increased: Repairs completed within minutes, even during battle (provided proximity is close).


Damaged beyond ability to generate thrust. No warp capability. Ship unable to accelerate at any appreciable rate.
Primary engines minimally repaired. Slow engine thrust. Low max top speed. Range limited to nearby stations/moons over the course of days. Warp power restored. Warp mainframe crudely constructed. Only Warp 3 attainable.
Primary engines repaired to normal strength. Moderate engine thrust and top speed. Can travel optimally throughout a star system without warp. over the course of days. Warp power upgraded. Max output still below nominal; systems semi-recent and still crude. Warp 7 attainable.
Auxiliary engines repaired. Engine thrust at top speed. Excellent at evasion, acceleration, and getting the hell out of Dodge. Warp power at maximum capacity. Nemesis travels at Warp 14; currently up to modern standards.

Comm Center

Completely obliterated and stripped away. Many crew dead or MIA. Communication-capable in 10km radius through auxiliary equipment.
Basic framework rebuilt; interior partially repaired. Critical areas have partial life support. Systems still in bad condition. Communication-capable in a 100km radius.
Transmitters rebuilt. Interior reconstructed with full life support. Staff back to working normally. Capable of planet-wide communication over a 10,000km radius.
Basic hypercommunication transmitters installed. Still subpar. Framework for advanced communications systems added. Instant communication over a radius of 1 million kilometers.
Hypercomm transmitters upgraded. Framework for advanced communications systems complete; capable of seating full crew. Rudimentary construction. Instant communication across an entire star system.
Permanent quality hypercomm transmitters installed. Interior fully modeled and comfortable with noise reduction features. Fine construction. Instant communication across star clusters.
Hypercomm power boosters installed and enabled; capacitors at full strength. Crew trained to streamlined efficiency. Top-notch, extravagant construction. Instant communication across the entire galaxy. Now the prettiest set of rooms in your ship.


Obliterated. Supplies lost or destroyed. Wounded are only healed through pre-modern era means: bandages and ice packs. Most patients will not survive greater wounds.
Partially functional; hull breaches in some wings. Wounded receive third-rate treatment; some casualties projected via infection or poor treatment. Wounds may take months to heal.
Basic gear available. Fewer projected casualties from neglect and poor treatment. Wounds healed with ruthless efficiency.
Stocked and equipped for installing… back-room implants and augmentations.
Revitalization equipment restored. Doctors now capable of reviving dead crewmates. Robosurgery wing rebuilt. Missing limbs are no longer an issue. Powerful bio-regrowth equipment and materials installed and available for use. Can heal soldiers in combat within minutes, provided they have a functional brain.


Each level above minimum enables an extra major repair each month. Alternatively, the ability can be unlocked to "focus" larger groups of engineers in the same area.

Surviving engineers are displaced; difficult to reach critical systems. Few supplies and general decimation. Capable of up to three major repairs per month.
Multiple hull breaches; primary areas sealed, critical structural framework functioning. Running on minimal capacity.
All engineering hull breaches repaired. Elevators restored and working properly.
Engineering bunkhouses restored with amenities; secondary life support fully operational. Engineering storage repaired and restocked.
More engineering crew hired to fill shortage; engineering functioning at optimal levels.
Engineering supplemented with assistance and logistics robots.

Weapon Systems

All weapons decimated. Turrets destroyed. Main guns obliterated. Likely other failings as well. There is no fight, only flee.
Point defense cannons partially restored. Cannot defend against fighters or larger without support. Main weapons partially restored. Capable of limited firepower. Lengthy reload times. Dual spinal railcannon retrofit begun. Main framework in place. Power coils installed. Not yet capable of actual use in combat.
All point defense cannons fully restored. Can defend against fighters without support, provided they're in few enough numbers. Main beam turrets fully restored. Capable of strong firepower. Should not take on equally-sized ships without escort. Dual spinal railcannon retrofit complete. Capable of firing powerful shots that can damage similarly-sized vessels, or decimate smaller ones.

Main Bridge

Breached and inoperable. Unable to decouple; full of twisted debris and wreckage. Currently unable to function as a bridge. Off-limits to crew.
Hull and interior repaired. Capable of functioning as a bridge, and as an observation deck (with a lovely view of whatever shitstorm you've uncovered this time).
Minimal thrusters functioning. Capable of decoupling from Nemesis and flying short distances. Now functions as "Escape Bridge".
Warp-capable: can travel at speeds of up to Warp 4, enough to cross the galaxy in a bit over four centuries. Stocked enough for crew survival over the course of three months. Do the math.
Point defense systems installed. Can now fend off a few small fighters or a small quantity of missiles. Small-scale beam weaponry installed. Can go toe-to-toe with gunships, provided it dodges well. Maneuvering thrusters upgraded. Capable of dodging most primary attacks from large vessels.


Obliterated. All supplies destroyed or lost. Everything has steeply inflated prices due to requiring crafting; 150% normal value. Formerly free infantry items may have small cost.
First floor intact. Major hull breaches repaired; devastation still general. Most non-infantry items have inflated prices of 133% normal value.
First floor intact, cleared of debris, and stocked. Everything costing less than 6 creds available at normal prices. Everything above 5 creds costs 133% normal value.
Second floor intact, cleared of debris, and stocked. Everything costing less than 11 creds available at normal prices. Everything above 10 creds costs 133% normal value.
Third floor intact, cleared of debris, and stocked. Everything costing less than 16 creds available at normal prices. Everything above 15 creds costs 133% normal value.
Fourth floor intact, cleared of debris, and stocked. Everything is available at normal prices.
Armory fully stocked to the gills with top-of-the-line gear. 33% off purchase price in all areas.


Obliterated beyond use. Hull either breached or gone entirely. All sensing done visually. Cannot detect anything you are not practically crashing into.
Heavily damaged. Minor hull breaches and missing areas; "patched over" and temporarily okay. Crew using cobbled-together equipment. Minimal functionality: can sense enemy vessels or heat sources outside of firing range; extremely limited. Gives time to prepare for an attack.
Hull for primary area repaired and rebuilt. Staff all working again. Can scan longer-range distances, planet to planet, for ships and other warm, mobile targets.
Precision short-range gear installed. Capable of giving full details about other ships in short range - loadout, specs, and more.
Anomaly scanning equipment installed. Capable of scanning planets and other large bodies system-wide for sites of interest. Long-range composition detectors installed and linked. Capable of determining composition of scanned targets. Particularly good at detecting caches of anomalous materials. High-range hyperspatial sensors installed. Capable of scanning entire systems for ships and other bodies in an instant.

Drone Bays

Drone tubes damaged beyond use; drone bays decimated. Drones have severe damage as well; considered non-functional.
Repaired and stocked for combat; drones capable of damaging enemy fighters and holes in large-ship armor Repaired and stocked for logistics and resource collection. Repaired and stocked for ship reparation; capable of repairing small-scale damage on CASKETs near the Nemesis
Drones are upgraded with Blink technology to permit instant travel across short distances.
Drones are capable of supplying CASKETs with ammunition mid-combat on request, provided the CASKETs are nearby. Drones are upgraded with the ability to make repairs to the Nemesis in up to two major areas per month.
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