Nemesis Roster

This page contains a roster of most of the high-profile crew of the Nemesis. Later we might add "Status" as a column, so we don't have to remove deceased crew members.

For the purposes of this page, REKT and inmates do not qualify as crew members.

Area of the ship Job Name
Armory Chief Armory Officer Dennis Hoffman
Battle Bridge Acting Captain Havor Maluk
Battle Bridge Fighter Tactics Officer Cho Dyoun
Battle Bridge Fighter Tactics Officer Reyha Sodhana
Bunks "The Cleaner" Lydia Hollenbroke
Chapel Minister Ernie Latimer
Engineering Chief Engineer Rowan O'Crosby
Engineering Chief Weapons Officer Matthew Roberts
Engineering Head of Hull Repair Gonzz Rotanda
Engineering Lead Engines Specialist Abigail Harthrauer
Engineering Lead Reactor Specialist Lance Rayden
Engineering Lead Shield Specialist Travis Synder
Engineering Lead Warp Engineer Wendy Rockbell
Engineering Lieutenant Engineer Antez Escavar
Hangar Chief Fighter Repair Officer Bryce Mayweather
Hangar Chief Hangar Control Officer Guernick Hale
Hangar Chief Mod Installation Officer Meredith Alkani
Library Chief Librarian Anelle Maliese
Medbay Chief Medical Officer Ellie Mercer
Medbay Chief of Medical Research Elkias Brewd
Medbay Lead Bioengineer Kenji Akronis
Medbay Lead Doctor Aeras Mincewood
Medbay Lead Surgeon Phelps Dogner
Mess Hall Chief Culinary Officer Brenna Melvin
Research Labs Head of Anomalous Materials Study Osmin Kerebas
Research Labs Head of Weapons Development Janus Schernz
Research Labs Head of the Research Department Antonius Ryddle
SCAMPS Lead Electrobiologist Merla Janeway
Supply Offices Chief Supply Officer Terrin Zetch
VR Combat Simulators VR Designer Jinna Reeds
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