Buck Roberts
Name: Buck Roberts
Rank: Airman 1st Class (1060)
Class: Support-Survival
Level: 2
Credits 950
Age 31
Gender Male
Energy 0
Durability 1
Maneuverability -2
Hacking 1
Computer 2
PSI Unit 1
Robotics -2
Engine -2
Stat points 0
Charisma 1
Intuition 1
Handiwork 0
Conventional -2
Unconventional 2
Exotic -1
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
"" —Buck Roberts

Player: Hapchazzard

Personal Information

Grew up on the arid world of Arskosha IV as the youngest of 6 brothers. The denizens of the planet valued martial prowess and marksmanship highly(the conventional kind), but Buck was terrible at using anything that would shoot. At the age of 15, after being deemed not worthy of admittance to the planet's military force, was practically disowned by his family and left to fend for himself. Without any kind of income or home, was forced to join one of the local gangs, initially as part of a low-level crew charged with running a money laundering operation. During that time, was taught the basics of computer systems, as well as falsifying info to fool the authorities.

Eventually, his talents for computing have been noticed by some of the higher-ups. He was relegated to an enforcement crew, initially as a field hacker, but soon enough his true talent was discovered: field manipulation weaponry. Field manipulators were initially used by the gang for non-combat uses, such as melting through secure doors, since there was no one in the crew skilled(and talented) enough to properly use them for moving targets. But Buck could fill this role, and fill it well he did. He became quite renown in the organization, and was present in several high-profile operations.

By the time he was 26, however, the gang had fallen down on it's luck, and was rapidly rooted out from the planet. Buck managed to flee the planet, but he was a complete outlaw at this point. For the next 5 years, he worked for various criminal factions throughout the outer planets, until he received an offer from his homeworld. Allegedly, one of his brothers had risen to one of the top political-military roles on the planet. In a letter, his brother claimed that Buck had disgraced the family name due to his criminal actions, and that he was seeking to remedy this - Buck would get a chance to clear the dirt from his(and his family's) name by doing a deed fit for a great warrior, and in exchange, he would be pardoned for his crimes and allowed back to the planet. And what better way to prove one's combat skill than the REKT program…

Appearance: Shorter than most, and a tad bit chubby. Has an obvious southern accent.


Usually quite friendly, cheerful and outgoing. Will go a long way to try and impress others, and doesn't shy from lying or taking credit for other's work if it boosts his 'rep'. Can be quite stubborn at times, and almost never admits to him or his views being wrong. Has a burning passion for computers and field manipulators. Dislikes guns, and anyone overly zealous about liking guns. More often slightly drunk than sober, claiming that alcohol boosts his concentration.

Reason your character got REKT

Willingly joined



Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge

  • Knows the basics about Hiltorel infantry equipment, gun emplacements and fighters

Mission History

Mission 1 — Squad Alpha

  • 1 fighter assist
  • 2 fighter kills
  • 3 infantry assists
  • 2 infantry kills
  • 3 drakedog assists
  • 1 drakedog kill


  • computer damaged and repaired (but only for firing MFM)
  • leg shot (patched)
  • leg bitten by megadrake

Notable achievements:

  • found some intel on Hiltorel fighter computer
  • found intel on grav plant
  • hacked grav plant thermostat
  • reduced gravity to 0g in the colony
  • confused Hiltorel by threatening to nuke the colony
  • took selfie with dead megadrake
  • tried to nuke the gravplant, but was thwarted by Saoirse


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