Illegal Augments
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While humanity's Galactic Empire is usually pretty lenient about body modification, there are a number of procedures that are outright illegal - and these procedures typically involve grafting anomalous materials to the flesh. Because of a high range and chance of long-term side effects that occasionally include a shortening of the user's lifespan, most upstanding doctors would never associate themselves with such practices. As with anything, however, if it's theoretically possible, you can always find a doctor somewhere that would attempt it. These illegal augments are no exceptions.

Presently, Illegal Augments that select branches of Tartarus Inc. are willing to install fall into twelve distinct "categories", based primarily on how the different systems and materials interact with each other.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The EVASION line of augments primarily contains chest and arm augments designed to permit you to become better at… well, evasion. These augments combine both blink tech and phase tech to permit you to avoid threats - and, in a pinch, can often be used to maneuver.

The introductory medical operation involves implanting a biogenerator near the patient's heart. This utilizes excess electrical energy produced by the heart itself and stores it in a small capacitor cell. As a result, it takes longer to recharge when the user is not under duress, e.g. in a combat situation.

Primary abilities for EVASION can only be used once every two turns.




  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The AGILITY line of augments primarily contains leg and arm augments primarily used for mobility and combat evasion. These augments are rather medically invasive, but can give you superhuman abilities, and are a perfect match for an inmate that wants to focus on stealth and evasion.

The introductory medical operation involves implanting a number of kinetic dynamos near the user's knee and hip. Normal perambulation will become almost imperceptibly more difficult, in exchange for keeping the mechanisms properly charged. As a result, it will stop recharging if the user is sitting completely still or not under duress (such as in a combat situation). The capacitors store enough energy (with the exception of the Tier 3 operations) to keep it going almost passively, however, with little thought necessary.

Unless noted otherwise, AGILITY abilities are passive and have no cooldowns - unless grossly overused, of course.






Primary abilities for PROJECTOR can be used once every four turns.