Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement

The Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement is a significant political faction active in the outer-world Arimia cluster. Headed by a council, it is an ostensibly pacifistic group that seems to be dedicated to the propagation and continued survival of the Hiltorel species.

They are known to be the ruling faction of Huhoba Qitsit, the colony encountered and fought by the Nemesis in mission 1, but may have the allegiance of several other colonies of Nanyej Prime, or even the entire planet itself. They are also present in significant numbers on Fuhodo, where they have a contentious relationship with the ruling Fuhodo Mercenary Union.

Recent Events

Mission 1

The HRM defenders of Huhoba Qitsit are the primary adversaries fought by the Nemesis during the mission. They are not inherently hostile towards the Tartarus forces, however, and make several unsuccessful diplomatic overtures in the interest of ending the ongoing bloodshed. According to several sources, Tartarus and the colony had some sort of deal in place before the events of mission 1, but the HRM was apparently duped into believing that the Nemesis was instead planning to bomb the city, possibly by the OWL. After the platoon steals all of the local Stellaplex, the fate of the colony is unknown.

Mission 2

SCAMPS warns that the HRM is a significant force on Fuhodo, and mentions their antagonistic relationship with the ruling FMU. According to Big Daneelo, the Nemesis' arrival significantly destabilizes the already fragile peace on the station, and gives the FMU a way to rally the independents to their cause. If Beta is not successful with the task they were given to by Big Daneelo, it is likely that a heavily lopsided civil war in favor of the FMU might erupt, much to the detriment of the HRM.