Sitatha AA Megaturret
Name: Sitatha AA Megaturret
Faction: Quantum
Energy Energy
Durability Durability
Maneuverability Maneuverability
Hacking Hacking
Computer Computer
PSI Unit PSI Unit
Robotics Robotics
Engine Engine
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary

Physical description

The Sitatha Megaturret, like the Chilendorn Megaturret, has a large pentagonal base. It has a spherical structure embedded halfway inside the top platform, with a large turret barrel on one side of it. The base is thought to be for energy production while the sphere is the turret itself.

This is the ancient turret that guarded the Quantum Dome on Sitatha. Standing at an impressive 200 meters in height from base to tip, it was apparently designed only to destroy ships orbiting the planet, and unable to differentiate between small craft and debris.

Although the base of the turret was pentagonal, there was only one known entrance which led to a metallic pentagonal walkway that ringed a deep shaft that delved deep into the earth. It housed many thousands of diamond-like crystalline structures, assumed to generate power for the turret proper.

The gun itself was composed of a non-anomalous alloy, seemingly reinforced with plating to keep enemies from damaging it either from orbit or from the ground. The exact count of the sides varies by account, but is estimated to be between 20 and 40. It was capable of firing much smaller blasts than the Chilendorn megaturret, but with a much greater initial velocity and much, much higher accuracy. Its guidance system is unknown.


The AA Megaturret does not seem to be even remotely interested in attacking small fighters. Its barrel remains pointed at the sky at all times. It will quickly strike and destroy any larger approaching craft, however, as it did in Mission 3 with Platoon 56's dropships. None of the dropships escaped.

Possible Equipment

Possible equipment

Suggested tactics

Suggested tactics

Mission History

First discovered on Sitatha.