Chilendorn Miniturret
Name: Chilendorn Miniturret
Faction: Quantums
Energy Energy
Durability Durability
Maneuverability Maneuverability
Hacking Hacking
Computer Computer
PSI Unit PSI Unit
Robotics Robotics
Engine Engine
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary

Physical description

A small plasma turret hidden behind a panel in a wall or ceiling until it pops out to shoot people. Has one or more bottles of liquid Quantum Glass, probably used for energy generation or storage for the plasma gun.


Pops out when it detect intruders and shoots them.

Possible Equipment

Plasma gun

Suggested tactics

Susceptible to explosive grenades. Will succumb to pretty much all infantry weaponry, even while still hidden in the wall/ceiling. Using the PDA's electrical scanner will reveal the turret before it pops out.

Mission History

Encountered in mission 1 as structure defence.