Chilendorn Megaturret
Name: Chilendorn Megaturret
Faction: Quantums
Energy Energy
Durability Durability
Maneuverability Maneuverability
Hacking Hacking
Computer Computer
PSI Unit PSI Unit
Robotics Robotics
Engine Engine
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary

Physical description

A large hexagonal base with a spherical structure floating above it. The base is thought to be for energy production while the sphere is the turret itself.

This is one of four ancient turrets that guarded the Quantum base at Chilendorn. Standing at a colossal 300 meters in height from base to tip, it was apparently not designed to repel humans or aliens, but rather to deter the enigmatic Dark Space that threatened the region.

Although the base of the turret was pentagonal, there were only two entrances or exits, and one metallic walkway through the middle suspended over a deep shaft that delved deep into the asteroid. It housed many thousands of diamond-like crystalline structures, assumed to generate power for the turret proper.

The gun itself was composed primarily of Quantum Glass, an anomalous, multi-purpose material capable of absorbing, concentrating, focusing and expelling energy. The exact count of the sides varies by account, but is estimated to be between 20 and 40. It was capable of generating guided balls of plasma with warp capability, large enough to consume an entire Tartarus dropship. It unfortunately used a heat-based guidance system, and the Tartarus crew was able to redirect its fire long enough to make it inside and shut it down.


Shoots enemies based on heath signatures. Shots take a while to connect.

Possible Equipment

Large main gun that shoots warp accelerated plasma.
chilendorn miniturret(s) for internal defence

Suggested tactics

Tactics that have proven effective are:

  • Disabling the power source of the main structure, this will cause the sphere to fall upon the base with the possible collapse of the whole structure as a result.
  • Hacking the main structure to either disable it or to whitelist your heath-signature.
  • Nuking the structure seems to effectively disable it.

Mission History

Encountered as sector defence in mission 1.