Universal Timeline
Year Event
2086 Warp Drive invented
2135 First alien contact
2161 Massive wave of extrasolar colonization begins
2218 Slave trade established
2307 Alien warfare begins; colonization begins to grind to a halt
2335 Last initial colony founded
2439 Peace treaties are signed that are intended to keep humanity in check
2551 Alien administrators tighten the reins as humanity grows restless
2591 Humanity rebels against the alien authorities
2628 Humanity wipes out the alien oppressors and establishes new laws
2658 Galactic Cleansing begins as humanity tries to establish dominance
2686 Slave trade ends as humanity negotiates with aliens on conquest to galactic center
2690 New Earth is founded
2814 Earth's natural esources are declared exhausted
2846 Migration from Earth and colonies to galactic center reaches peak
2927 New Earth thrives and is declared humanity's new capital
2929 Differing ideals between spacers and earth-borns ignites bloody civil war
2935 Civil war ends; slavery is formally outlawed on most inner worlds
2997 Galactic Cleansing comes to an official end; humanity occupies galactic center
3152 Present day
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