The ^kö are one of the few intelligent (more or less) species in the galaxy apart from humans.
Physically they are fairly small (think 12.5 cm), squat and have many appendages. They multiply via meiosis.
^kö survive by fusing two anions of Barium and obtaining the energy by transmuting and absorbing 20 protons. This produces uranium. (They can eat pretty much any metallic substance or ions if they want to, though.)
^kö generate their timelines out of sync of other sentients, therefore they seem sometime (but very rarely) hyper active and fast, while usually they seem barely aware of his environment and to act only by instinct of conservation, which involves usually avoiding sweet drinks and licking sources of Barium anions, and sleeping close to a source of heat.
^kö are sometimes found near nuclear reactors or kept as pets, although this is not very advisable since both what they eat and the waste they produce is highly radioactive.