Single use

A nose

Less addictive than coke and less harmful than meth, Whiff is the perfect chemical alternative to your old guiltless pleasures. Typically taken by sniffing it into the nasal cavity, earning it the name. Puts the user into a brief, but profoundly deep sleep as the body produces an unnatural amount of chemicals such as adrenaline. User feels refreshed, invigorated, and often euphoric upon awakening; may experience profound things during sleep as well.

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  • User falls asleep for several minutes as drug takes effect (five minutes or three turns, whichever is longer)
  • May or may not experience "profound things" while sleeping; dreams are completely lucid
  • Lucid dreams can be affected by what you are thinking about when you fall asleep
  • Upon waking, user feels refreshed, hyperactive and invigorated; physical capacity significantly enhanced (+1 to all stats, +2 to all stats if in combat)
  • Lucid dreams may reveal important details you may have missed or cause things to mentally fall into place
  • Users can very easily will themselves to remain "within the trance" for as long as they desire
  • Not physically addictive, but can be psychologically so
  • Being woken up early heightens the chance of a bad trip
  • Lasts for ten minutes after waking up, or seven turns - whichever is shorter

Technical Details