Liquid Fuel Pack

1 cred

Chambered tank with enough fuel for exactly ten one-second bursts.

  • Types:
    • Flame
    • Cryo
    • Concussive
    • Foam
    • Acid
    • Gel
    • Plastic

+0 Unconventional

The more important counterpart to the Flamethrower, as well as the more customizable one. We'll fill it with a liquid of your choice, so long as it's within our choices or we deem it amusing enough - without being too much of a risk to your allies. Remember that last part. The Flamethrower has often been dubbed "The Platoonkiller", as self-inflicted casualties tend to be very high. We're just trying to maximize our profits here, you understand.


  • Really hard to miss vertical targets with
  • Fun to use
  • Lots of death and destruction
  • 40 meter range
  • Suicidal at point-blank and often even close-range

Tank types:

Flame Tank

  • Your standard flamethrower stuff
  • Sets stuff on fire, fuel burns for about thirty seconds
  • Napalm mixture burns even in the absence of an atmosphere

Cryo Tank

  • Really super cold
  • Special liquid helium mixture
  • Will freeze stuff solid
  • Liquid quickly evaporates

Concussive Tank

  • Special mixture remains inert until contact with a solid, then explodes violently
  • Disappears almost instantly, so no mess except for that which you create
  • Good for damaging stuff that won't burn
  • Highly effective against humanoids

Foam Tank

  • Extinguishes fires quickly by separating materials, raising the ignition point and smothering it
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to wipe away
  • Mixture permits bubbles to last a few seconds in a vacuum
  • Lasts a few minutes in an atmosphere

Acid Tank

  • Most certainly not safe to use
  • Will very greatly damage most surfaces
  • Will NOT eat through things like in the movies
  • Excels against thinly armored targets and electrical equipment - and especially spacesuits

Gel Tank

  • Highly slippery, difficult to remove. Ever.
  • Will gradually evaporate under a vacuum, leaving behind a thick residue
  • Good for doing your hair with
  • Transparent unless dried

Plastic Tank

  • Shoots a jet of rapid-cool plastic foam
  • Opaque; good for hiding things
  • Forms into a solid material that can easily hold your weight
  • Expands by many times during the cooling process
  • Can be used to block doorways or help you reach higher ledges
  • Not impenetrable - it's plastic, after all

Technical Details