Fhtagn Tentacle



Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.

Usually when someone thinks of a tentacle, they think of a weird fleshy protrusion that's part of one's own body. The Fhtagn tentacle isn't. We can't tell you where, what or who we got it from, but it functions quite well outside of one's own body in the vacuum of space. We attach it to your suit, and its usage is controlled entirely through your willpower - where you will it to go, it goes. …usually. Can be aggressive at times. Might not be wise to use if you're female.

Attacker's Exotic and PSI against defender's Maneuverability and Intuition

  • Looks creepy
  • Feels creepy too
  • Fairly strong - likely stronger than your arms
  • Three meters long
  • Not very durable against weapons fire

Technical Details