Battle Stims



Does not work on robots

Battle Stims are tailored performance enhancers that can be formulated to give you a boost to any stat or skill, giving the user a dynamic +1 to their actual roll when using that skill or stat. It lasts about 15 minutes under duress, and longer if the user is in a calmer state. There is, however, a chance that you might develop an addiction to them. Please tell us which type of stim you'd like when you buy.

None Required

  • Stims can be used for any skill or stat
  • Effects last for 15 minutes, or ten turns - whichever is more
  • Gives an immediate +1 to the roll in question post-calculation
  • Excellent for if you're in a really tight spot
  • Can only be used once
  • Can stack infinitely
  • Using higher concentrations increases risk of developing addiction (starts at 1 in 36 and goes up by triangular numbers per extra uses in rapid succession)
  • Addiction causes withdrawal symptoms and occasional uselessness in combat to persons with low willpower, akin to panicking - happens at most once per mission and is decided at the mission start (though the roll will be kept secret)
  • Addiction fades over time by reverse triangular numbers from 36 in 36
  • Battle stims are available for onboard use under-the-counter from the Armory