Characters are NPC controlled, they are not imprisoned and are often part of the core functionality of the REKT program. The

Major NPC's

Robert Haseley

Robert Haseley (or Sir Robert Haseley, depending on who you ask) is an enigmatic character, despite being the CEO of Tartarus Incorporated. The most mysterious aspect about him is his origin; nobody seems to know where he came from.

Haseley is something of a self-proclaimed recluse, which is somewhat unusual for a CEO of a large company, even in the year 3152. Despite his obvious charisma, it seems that he much prefers to spend his time alone in his cabin, as he prefers comfortable, cozy places to the company of others. Despite this, he is quite active over holocomms with other members of his staff and crew and keeps in close touch with them. This close contact does seem to slowly wear on him, however, and every few months he will take short vacations from the Tartarus to pleasant planets on the inner worlds. Cissinia is his favorite destination on these retreats, although he occasionally takes trips to Cenva or Amron instead.

Physically, Haseley stands at slightly over six feet (1.83 m) in height and has a full head of genetically engineered wavy blonde hair, and deep-set blue eyes. While he resides in his cabin he typically wears a smoking jacket, and prefers tea like the majority of the Tartarus staff, as opposed to Mimir's obsession with coffee. Whether he is with anyone romantically is uncertain, although it has been demonstrated on many occasions that he has a taste for the feminine company. Occasionally he will invite a young lady to his room - generally one who is overdue a promotion - and have a pleasant chat with them. The exact details of these chats are never openly discussed.


While his appearance is completely unknown to the majority of REKT inmates save for rumors, his personality can be described as scathing, harsh, and bitter, with an underlying love of black humor. He tries to make it clear from time to time that all he really wants is the data that inmates recover, although he often seems particularly upset about losing large numbers of inmates.


CHIARA's speech is usually brief and to the point, intended to provide information. She seems to have a wealth of patience - though, to be fair, few people have ever tried to exhaust it. She seems almost cold at times, and utterly indifferent.


HADES is cold and calculating, but helpful where he can be. He tends to look down upon CHIARA and SCAMPS as his lessers, as indeed they are. If you're on his good side, or if you have clearance to freely speak with him, he'll be pleasant and helpful, albeit still cold. If you're on his bad side, he'll reveal a more scathing wit and hatred of "lesser sentients" in general. He tends to have more class than SCAMPS, but is not above clever insults.

Minor NPC's

Dr. Seinberger

Short description.


Rubi is a recent college graduate, and has earned herself one of the lead positions in the development of Tartarus's hybrid biomechanical combat suits. She's wise for her age, but still like to play as though she were a child, and is in fact playing with water guns in the lab when first mentioned.

She is noted as having wavy hair tied behind her in a ponytail.


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Dr. Bette

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