The Big Five

The Big Five were the most populous species in the galaxy as of the year 2135, when humans first became acquainted with the Galactic Community. Together, they held over 99% of galactic territory. These were, in order of territory size:
  • The Plodii - 36% of the galaxy (19% of which was inside the Northern Exclusion Zone
  • The Gorvans - 20% of the galaxy
  • The Bhezians - 16% of the galaxy
  • The Hiltorel - 15% of the galaxy
  • The Azquad - 13% of the galaxy

By the time the other species, minor and major, arrived on the scene, the Big Five had already claimed most of the galaxy, and were able to easily defend it. This kept other species from ever expanding. One of the most widely accepted human theories about the big five postulates that while the Galactic Community was labeled and touted as a powerful democratic alliance against threats and other invaders, it was in fact simply a method for the older species to bully younger ones and help them become more powerful. This is indeed what it seemed to be. When the Krolum arrived on the scene in 247 BC, the Gorvans had already taken over all the territory surrounding their home star, and they were permitted only a small handful of star systems to expand into. The same went for the Sybnials, the Wralk, and Humanity, among others.

As the Big Five controlled all the territory, so too did they control all trade, economic development, travel, and anything else. A species could purchase a star for themselves from their "overlord", but this overlord would typically force them to pay taxes. Despite a great deal of animosity towards them from the younger races, only one large-scale rebellion was ever made: The Wralk in 906-969 AD. This was eventually put down with the help of the Fysar, whom the Big Five promised territory they were never actually given, even after turning the tide of the war.

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