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chat test

name: 'Paul "Goatman" Wan'
nick: Silverware
rank: 'Airman (0)'
class: '?'
level: '1'
credits: '0'
age: '25 ( At least a few centuries if you count Cryo-Sleep )'
gender: Male
ene: normal
dur: normal
man: decent
hac: decent
com: bad
psi: terrible
rob: normal
eng: normal
cha: terrible
int: decent
han: decent
con: decent
unc: bad
exo: terrible
gen: bad
aux: normal
stat: '0'
skill: '0'
quote: 'Stand back everybody I''m gonna do a science!'
personalinfo: 'Sanity is not really Paul''s strong suit, no his strong suit has muscles (taken from an entirely willing subject) mostly because he does not. Tall, lanky, grey, good words to describe Paul they are. As for how he got his name, perhaps it''s the Goat Hat, perhaps it''s the smell, perhaps it''s his tendency to eat things he shouldn''t.'
personality: 'People would call him stupid, but in reality he is just reckless. Going against the flow is his natural reaction to any situation, it is highly doubtful anyone could ever get him to work well in a team. Intelligence tends to walk the fine line between sanity and insanity, and he seems to have picked his side of the line long ago.'
rektreason: 'It could have been the, almost, successful panty raid upon a military base. Or the, slightly, modified civilian laser pointer that melted a pilot''s face. Or that time he turned a goat into a hat. But no, it was a simple drugs charge, god damned conservatives and their hatred of Ultra-Meth, it''s natural (for certain values of natural) and non-harmful (for the user), why do they have to make all the fun things illegal.'
infgear: "* Gauss Rifle\n* Semiautomatic Pistol\n* Goat Skull Helmet (Complete with Horns)"
shipgear: "* Mounted Laser\n* Scout Drones\n* Cargo Pod"
knowledge: None
history: "* Mission 1 — Squad 4\n * Stuff\n * Killed by Dinosawer for attacking Kai'isha"
portrait: 'http://www.politicspa.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg'