Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner
voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory
says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the
secret of the "old one."
I, at any rate, am convinced that God does not throw dice.
                    - Albert Einstein

My friends, I am here to tell you that God does indeed throw dice.

REKT: God Throws Dice & REKT: Beyond The Edge

A space-based Role Playing Game

Welcome to the Requisited Knowledge Troops.

Please stop screaming.

I'm sure you all have your reasons for being here. A lot of you probably angered the local factions. That's never a good idea. Some of you probably committed crimes against humanity. Also a stupid idea. Maybe you even joined voluntarily. You poor, deluded bastards.

My name is SCAMPS, for Shipboard Computer Assigned to Monitoring Prisoner Services. That's right, assholes - you're on a prison ship, and I'm a computer. I feel compelled to reiterate this last - the guys that came before you had trouble wrapping their minds around that one: Yes. I'm a computer. They made me out of what was left of the previous division. There wasn't much.

Let me give it to you straight. REKT has one mission: to gather anomalous materials from the rim worlds at the galaxy's edge so Tartarus can invent new tech to sell and make a profit. What that means to you is being sent to every godforsaken irradiated hellhole that up-top can think of in the pursuit of some more-than-likely meaningless alien toothbrush. If you go through ten missions, you're in the clear - full pardon and the right to go wherever you please. And that's the rub: there are only two ways out of REKT: you complete ten missions or you die. There is no honorable discharge. If there's enough of your brain left splattered and half-cooked on the side of a rocket fuselage to re-procure, we'll scrape you up and dump you in something mechanical. If not, well, congratulations for really managing to get yourself destroyed. Ten missions or you die. Any questions? No? Good. Gentlemen… get REKT.

You may start screaming now.



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