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Hair lightening: steps to the dream

The play of rays of light in your hair is a real magic that allows you to make your look truly bright and alive. Any brightening procedure will achieve this effect, it doesn't matter if you add a few lighter strands, use a special lightening spray, or decide on a full color. You can lighten hair of any color, from light brown to black. Your hairdresser can turn your bluish black hair into platinum blonde in a matter of hours. Of course, this will require several stages of chemical clarification. Such dramatic changes, however, are fraught with serious stress on the hair. If they are medium chestnut to light blond, you can lighten them eight tones. If your hair is darker than medium brown, at home you can lighten it by two to three tones. To get more ideas, check out: soap cap

Lightening strands: sun glare in hair

To lighten a few strands, you can use a special hat. Another option is highlighting with a thin brush or a handy bottle applicator. Care professionals lighten the strands in the traditional way - with foil and a comb, or use brushes and applicators for more complex treatments. Light strands will suit almost any hair color. Strands dyed in two or three similar shades look especially attractive.

Spray is a delicate way to lighten hair

Are you blonde and want to lighten your hair a few more tones? Brightening spray (Sun-In spray) will provide a relaxed effect to the burnt hair. Simply spray it on dry or damp hair, individual strands or all of your hair. Each application will lighten them by about a quarter tone. In this way, you can lighten hair by one or even two tones. Sunlight and blow-drying enhance the effect.


Lightening light brown and brown hair

Home color products allow you to change your hair color to the desired blonde shade if your natural color is from dark blonde to light brown. Such means quite delicately remove natural pigment and replace it with new blond pigments. It is important that the dye stays on your hair exactly as long as indicated on the package. Remember, in the early stages of the lightening process, your hair may turn reddish or yellowish in color. Therefore, if you wash off the paint too early, they will take on an unwanted tint.

Lightening dark and black hair

If you want to achieve a blonde color on initially dark hair, you may need intense lightening. Suitable products destroy the natural dark pigment much more strongly than less intense paints. Thanks to this, they allow you to radically change your color. This way, you can easily turn your brown hair into a shiny blonde.

Bleached hair needs special care

Do not forget that after dyeing, especially after intense lightening, your hair needs special care ! This is the only way to keep them healthy, radiant and supple. If you lighten them regularly, don't forget about it. Special series of care products for colored hair contain very effective moisturizing ingredients, valuable vegetable oils, as well as keratins and vitamins that restore their structure. Be sure to use a fabric softener after every shampoo. This will help prevent split ends. Just apply conditioner to the ends and leave for a moment, then rinse thoroughly. It is enough to use an intensive conditioner or mask once a week to refresh your hair. Use UV protection to prevent discoloration and dryness.



The annual examination of luggage bags, supported by ACP, tested ten models, also known as boxes, analyzing quality, safety and additional consumption. The result is telling: a reasonable luggage can be purchased for just 300 euros. Here is an overview of the results and some important tips. For further details, go here: best rooftop cargo carriers

The best rated of the test is Thule's Motion XT L (ADAC rating: 1.9), followed by the Kamei Oyster 450 (rating 2.1). The Thule luggage case (590 euros) left the best impression, especially in the handling tests carried out.

The Kamei 630 Euro luggage case obtained the best result in accident safety tests. The actual volume of the roof box may differ from the manufacturer's information. One of the models stood out negatively: the Farad Zeus 480 L has only 400 liters, 17% less than the 480 liters announced.

Assembly is not always easy

In most of the tested luggage models, the assembly proved to be intuitive and easy. But with the G3, Farad, and especially Northline models, a more detailed study of the instructions is absolutely necessary.


For the correct storage of the cargo to be transported, the following criteria must be applied: the stability of a luggage compartment under extreme loads generally depends on the quality of the fastenings inside the box.

In general, three straps are better than two, metal fasteners are more durable than plastics and the straps should go through the bottom of the luggage compartment and not the support. The roof load must not, under any circumstances, be exceeded by the maximum values indicated.

Luggage bags increase consumption

In this examination, the luggage compartments were also tested at a constant speed of 130 km / h with a mobile measuring device. The result was surprising: the average fuel consumption in all tests was over 18%.

The best performance recorded in the tests with the Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI, with an increase of 0.94l / 100 km (Kamei Oyster 450). The worst result showed an increase of 1.29l / 100 km (Northline Tirol 420).

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